Rack and Roll

I recently bought some “upgrades” for my bike. As usual, they are add-ons that don’t make a huge dent on my wallet.

First is a leather seat with spring suspension.Image

I wanted a seat with spring suspensions and when I learned that a bike buddy was selling a leather one, i got one. Leather saddles have some advantages over padded saddles. They shape to the sit bones on your bottom thus giving you a more comfortable ride. So far, long rides have been more comfy and no chaffing on my inner thighs.

Next is a rear rack carrier.


Carrying a backpack or any other bag when biking is very uncomfortable. So a rear rack provides a location where I can place my things during rides or on my daily commute. Its a Biologic Portage rack. It retails for around 1200 pesos, but I got it from a bike buddy at 500 pesos. Made of high gauge aluminum tubes, it doesn’t add that much weight to the bike.

5 thoughts on “Rack and Roll

  1. Hi! I’ve just started biking and I find your blog helpful. Do you mind sharing the contact number of your buddy who sold you the rear bike rack? I’m really interested in getting one for my foldie. Tnx.

    1. Hi Emmark,sorry I cant give you his contact. But I can direct you to stores that sells rear racks for folding bikes. You can try Tryon bikes along J.P. Rizal Makati. You can also Try coolstuff168. They both have facebook pages so you can view their products. Thanks for visiting my site and pls dont hesitate to message me for questions. I would gladly help in any way I can.

      1. Tnx sir. Really appreciate your help. Actually, I’ve seen the ads from Tryon and CoolStuff at Sulit. Also tried to register at PinoyMtbiker so I can post my queries on the Foldies thread but application still pending mod’s approval. I did join Tiklop however and looking forward to my first long ride with them. By the way my foldie is a Giant Expressway 2 and planning to have future upgrades. tnx again.

  2. Since you are a Giant owner, I would recommend Life Cycle in Pasong Tamo. Expressway bikes use a different kind of rack. My officemate had one recently installed on his bike. đŸ™‚

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