Laiya-Lobo Loop

I joined the Royal Enfield Laiya-Lobo, Batangas Loop Ride yesterday, April 14, 2019. It was organized by the Royal Enfield Owners Manila Southside  and the BAREKs (BAtangas Royal Enfield Kumpadres) and turnout was great. There were 40+ riders that joined this epic ride. There were multiple meetup points and I joined the Southwoods contingent. We met up at 0500H at McDonalds Southwoods and then joined the other contingent that met at Petron SLEX. 20190414_054410




After the Manila contingent arrived, we headed out to STAR Tollway going to Batangas. Here we are at the Calamba Tollgate waiting for the other riders.


And at the Batangas City Tollgate.


We were then met by the contingency from Batangas, the BAREKs.



Where they took us to have breakfast. Any Batangas ride would not be authentic without having Lomi.




After filling up our bellies, we filled up our bikes.


We traversed the road going to San Juan, Batangas, and went past the resorts in Barangay Hugom, before climbing the rough roads of Lobo-Malabrigo-Laiya Road. It was a challenging off road – on road climb, but the view at the rest stop was breathtaking.


We took a short break to regroup and re-hydrate. 20190414_10514520190414_10531720190414_105301

After everyone had their rest, we took off to Malabrigo Lighthouse. screen-shot-2019-04-14-at-9.57.43-pm-1


Most parts of the road going there are still being constructed. screen-shot-2019-04-14-at-9.52.34-pmscreen-shot-2019-04-14-at-9.56.06-pmscreen-shot-2019-04-14-at-9.59.21-pmscreen-shot-2019-04-14-at-9.59.43-pmscreen-shot-2019-04-14-at-10.00.13-pmscreen-shot-2019-04-14-at-10.00.55-pm

I can just imagine how this road would be when it gets completed. It would be similar to the coastal roads of Batanes. Also, the beaches here have large pebbles, instead of sand. Really giving the Batanes vibe.

20190414_115605We reached the lighthouse after the twisties along Lobo-Malabrigo-Laiya Road. 20190414_12040120190414_115537-1Everyone enjoyed the twists and turns, the climbs and downhills, and especially the coastal view. We were covered in dusts and mud, but we were all smiling. 20190414_12041920190414_120424

After some group shots and a couple of bottles of cold drinks, we headed off to Taysan, where we will be having our lunch.


One downside of having a huge group of riders eating at the same time is that the kitchen gets backlogged with orders. A lot of time gets wasted waiting for your food to get prepared, and also for settling the bill. Food was great though.

We left at around 2:30, after everyone had eaten and had a last fill of fuel before heading out to Ibaan exit to STAR Tollway.

Kudos to the organizers for this epic ride! Everyone really enjoyed.


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