Let there be lights redux

Last night I got a chance to test a new bike light on the road. As I have posted before, I use a cheap led flashlight to see the road during our Monday night rides. Lately, the LEDs on that flashlight started failing. What used to be 9 LEDs is now down to 6, which significantly decreased the intensity of the output. A friend of mine recommended this affordable Cree LED flashlight from LEDTEC. I got one last week and took it out for a test.


It has 3 modes, Bright (100%), Low (50%) and strobe. The case is made of aluminum and it came with its own bike bracket. It runs on 3 AAA battery. The beam is also zoomable.

ImageThe switch is on the end of the flashlight, half presses on the switch alternates between the 3 modes. A quick search on the internet showed that it outputs 240 lumens which is adequate enough for night rides. Its waterproof rating is IP62 (Total dust ingress protection and water spray < 15 degrees from vertical). 

ImageIt is available at ACE hardware for 399 pesos. A price that surprised my bike buddies last night since flashlights like this cost a lot especially the super bright ones.

I just wished the manufacturer included a lanyard.

Thanks to Arnel for the good find! 🙂

Additional product info here: http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/580881182/Bicycle_led_light_Bike_led_ligh.html

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