Part 2 of 3: Batanes Tour

After concluding our north Batanes tour, day two was for the southern part of the island. We were picked up from Fundacion Pacita by our tour guides and we headed off to the south side of Batan.

Chawa Viewing Deck. A hundred or so steps down to the West Philippine sea. 1 (10)10411807_10203989617088840_5381700542910194960_n

Mahatao Boat Shelter Port. This is where the fishing boats dock during bad weather. Batanes1 (5)

Spaniards Blue Lagoon. Only the Spaniards were allowed to swim here before. It is now open to everyone who wants to take a dip in the turquoise waters.  1 (11)1014366_10203989631649204_7684145970404525664_n

We stopped along the way on a white sand beach. It is located between the towns of Ivana and Mahatao. Batanes1 (15)10351177_10203989638009363_7875091803534437186_n

A trip to Batanes would not be complete without dropping by the Honesty Coffee Shop. Batanes1 (25)Batanes1 (29)Batanes1 (27)Batanes1 (26)

The House of Dakay. The oldest surviving house in town. There were several Spanish era houses, but most of them gave way to development, leaving the House of Dakay, the only one in its original form.  We also passed a Spanish bridge that is still being used today. *Will post a photo soon*Batanes1 (19)

Some of the scenic rock formations along the coastal road. BatanesBartDay2 (17 of 46)BatanesBartDay2 (15 of 46)Some of the roads on the island are on hills and they are really steep. But I have to give it to them, these are well maintained roads. Even better than some of the roads in Manila. BatanesBartDay2 (13 of 46)BatanesBartDay2 (12 of 46)

Alapad Hill is probably one of the most famous spots here in the island. It is where Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta shot a scene for “Hihintayin Na Lang Kita Sa Langit”. Indeed, it felt like you were in heaven. BatanesBartDay2 (20 of 46)It is also the location of an old Long-Range Aid to Navigation (LORAN) built by the Americans.  BatanesBartDay2 (19 of 46) BatanesBartDay2 (18 of 46) BatanesBartDay2 (25 of 46) BatanesBartDay2 (22 of 46) BatanesBartDay2 (21 of 46)

Racuh a Payaman also known as Marlboro Hills. A picturesque pastureland where the locals bring their livestock to graze. The hills were not as green as they used to because it was summer when we went there. If you want the green hills, go there around January or February. BatanesBartDay2 (31 of 46) BatanesBartDay2 (32 of 46) BatanesBartDay2 (33 of 46) BatanesBartDay2 (34 of 46) BatanesBartDay2 (35 of 46) BatanesBartDay2 (36 of 46)

Lunch was served at a small picnic spot on the hill. Lobsters are always present here. 🙂BatanesBartDay2 (38 of 46) BatanesBartDay2 (39 of 46) BatanesBartDay2 (37 of 46)

Next was the Diura Fishing village. They were drying Dorado fish when we got there. BatanesBartDay2 (41 of 46) BatanesBartDay2 (40 of 46)

Last on our trip was the Tayid Lighthouse in Mahatao.

BatanesBartDay2 (43 of 46) BatanesBartDay2 (44 of 46)10433794_10204054323026448_4696654620079328045_n BatanesBartDay2 (42 of 46)

After resting for a couple of hours in our hotel room, we decided to head back to town and have dinner in Pension Ivatan. Ish and Lucy took the van while I followed them on my bike. We ordered our meal and headed for the airport. It was closed in the afternoon so we had the chance to take some photos on the runway. And of course, I had the freedom to bike on it. 1 (1) 1 (2) BatanesBart (1 of 4) BatanesBart (2 of 4) BatanesBart (3 of 4)

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