Front Hub Maintenance

After our ride last weekend, I noticed that the front wheel felt gritty when rolling. Like there was sand in the hubs. I realized that the hubs haven’t been regreased since I bought the bike in 2014. I know, it’s long overdue.

So this weekend, I bought some grease and did it myself. I googled how and it was pretty straightforward. One challenge is that I didn’t have the right tools. So I had to improvise with a pipe wrench.

After removing the front wheel, I had to use a pipe wrench to hold the axle and prevent the cone from the other side from spinning. Once it was off, I can remove the covers and the cone to access the bearings. I soaked the bearings in wd-40 while I removed the old grease and other gunk from the cups.

Excuse the dog hairs. 🙂

It wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. The grease in the hubs were not as dirty as what I imagined, given the gritty felling when the wheels were spinning. After cleaning the cones, I applied a liberal amount of grease and one by one, placed the bearings. 10 balls on each side. I also cleaned the covers, the cones, and the axle.

Then it was a matter if fine tuning the tightness of the cones. Not too tight and not too loose. The. The retaining nuts go back, and then back to the bike. So far, it took me less than an hour to compete the overhaul.

I plan to order the proper cup and cone spanner from Lazada so as not to damage the axle the next time I do this.

Next in the list is the 3 speed IGH maintenance.

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