So, you want a (folding) bike?

It makes me happy that my friends ask me about folding bikes, or bikes in general. Recently, I have several friends who asked me where they can buy, how much, and what the best bang for buck folding bike is available. They range from people who want to bike to work, those who want to lose weight and those that just want to bike. So I made this post to help others that may have the same questions but are shy to ask.

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How are you going to use your bike?

I use mine primarily for my daily commute to work. I also use it for recreation. I recently completed a 100+ km ride with a couple of bike friends. So this is one of the first questions that you need to answer.

How much are you willing to spend?

There have been a lot of really affordable folding bikes out there lately. But be careful, not all bikes are the same. Cheap bikes tend to have poor quality parts. There are bikes out there that have decent parts and are still within the budget. There were even cases of bike frames breaking in half and trust me, you don’t want that happening when you are riding down a busy road. So if you ask me, spend a little. After all, a good bike will really pay for itself overtime.

Check out these pages for prices of bikes that I usually recommend. Photos from the internet. Credits to the owners. 🙂

Mars Kingdom Bikes

These are one of the most affordable brands out there. They also have non folding bikes in their shop. The cheapest folding bike they have is around 5000 pesos. –

Peerless Bikes
These are practically Dahon clones. They have similar designs and models that some of their parts are interchangeable. You can get one for as low as 7900 pesos.   – and

And of course, Dahon Folding Bikes
dahon .
About 70% of folding bikes out there are made by Dahon.

There are more brands out there but these are the three that I usually recommend for those who want to try out folding bikes but don’t want to break the budget. Why? Because I have seen them and know people that use them. If you are willing to burn more cash, there are the higher end of the spectrum of folding bikes like Tern, Montague, Brompton and Strida. But always remember, it doesn’t matter what bike you ride, as long as you ride your bike. 🙂

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