Getting back into blogging (and biking)

Oh my lord! It’s been almost a year since my last post! It feels sacrilegious!

A lot has happened since my last post.

I never stopped biking, that’s for sure. I just couldn’t find the time and motivation to blog about it. I guess I kinda lost inspiration after I stopped biking to work.


I still bike as a form of exercise, especially now that I have borderline hypertension.

One highlight of my cycling journey is when I got to pedal with my daughter. She got this cute pink bike from her grandma and she loves it. She wants a new one though, because one of the dogs decided to chew on the seat on the rack of her bike.


I hope her Kuya will also get into biking.


I also got a new bike, sort of.


It’s a 410cc adventure motorcycle. I’m thinking of also using this blog to record my adventures. It is still a bang for the buck “bicycle”. 😛

There was also last years Brompton Urban Challenge where we won 2nd place! Last 2017, we placed 3rd. Hoping that in the next Urban challenge, we’ll be the champs!

This was one urban challenge was definitely more challenging than the first one. We had a great time solving the puzzles, doing the challenges, and joining in the games. There were also tons of prizes and giveaways from the generous sponsors.


This year, I also got a new blessing. A baby daughter. Another reason to push with cycling to keep fit. I am not getting any younger and I must do more to take care of myself and my family.


I also met new biking friends, both on the pedal powered and the gas fueled one. Motorcycle buddies that also have a passion for biking. We traversed the hills of Silang, Cavite, all the way to Sta. Rosa, Laguna. A challenging 50+km ride. It was my first long ride in a loooong time. Definitely felt it the days after.

That’s all for now and I hope to continue writing and sharing my cycling adventures. Thanks!



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