The New Normal

We are in a global pandemic and this has changed all our lives in infinite ways. One change that I was very much interested in is the change in attitude of people towards bike commuting. Atleast here in the PH, people are now embracing the idea especially since public transportation is very limited. I see a lot of people on bicycles wearing office clothes, or have bags that I assume have their work attire. As a bike commute advocate, this is refreshing and inspiring at the same time. There were a lot of bike commuters a few years back, but this pandemic has made people realize that biking is really a good alternative to public transport.

Earlier today I was processing the papers for the transfer of ownership of our car. There was a fee for the certificate and it had to be paid at a bank which was 2-3 kms away. I had the car but parking was an issue at the LTO and if I took it to the bank, I would have to find parking there too. Good thing I had the bike in the car’s trunk. I’ve been keeping it there since the pandemic to avoid bringing the virus inside the house. So out it came from the trunk, unfolded it and pedaled my way to the bank. It took me less than 10 mins to get there. I imagined, if i took the car, it would take me twice as long since there was traffic along the way and I would have had to find parking. The queue to the cashier took longer than the actual travel to the bank. After paying, I was back at the LTO and was able to process everything. Sadly, they don’t release it on the same day.

Waiting in line.

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