Cairbull Allroad Helmet First Impression

I went to Decathlon last January 2 to purchase a new cycling helmet. As I arrived at the bicycle section of the store, I was able to confirm what I was reading online for the past few months. Their cycling supplies are almost empty. What used to be rows and rows of bike parts, whole bikes, and cycling accessories are now almost empty because the pandemic has reintroduced everyone back to cycling. Which is a good thing, if you ask me.

I needed to buy a new helmet as my old helmet, a Khali Chakkra Solo MTB helmet, is already 7 years old. Did you know that helmets expire? They recommend replacing helmets every 5 years!

So what do you do when your favorite bike shop has limited stocks and they are unsure when they will be able to replenish? You go online shopping of course! A quick search on Lazada resulted in hundreds of cycling helmets, from the really cheap ones, to top tier brands.

After a few mins of googling, I picked a helmet and clicked add to cart. 4 days later, it arrived. It came in an unmarked brown box, bubble wrapped. Sorry, I don’t have pictures as I was too excited to open it.

Upon opening, what I quickly noticed was the weight. It was light. I checked and compared with my old helmet, it was 60 grams lighter. I know what you might be thinking. That isn’t a significant weight difference. But when you’re on long rides, you’ll definitely feel the weight on your neck.


■ RLS – Rapid Lock System

■ Inmold Technology

■ Clean Tex pads

■ Rearlight

■ Visor

■ Shield

■ Chinpad

■ Clip Buckle


■ 22 Air vents

■ Incl. rearlight

■ Incl. shield

■ Strap Dividers for easy handling

■ Click buckle with chinpad

■ Removable visor

■ Weight 230 grams


■ S/M (54-61cm)

Pads are removable and washable. One feature that should be standard in cycling helmets. Size is also adjustable. Like in the Chakkra, a simple twist of a knob at the back will tighted or loosen the fit.

One feature that I liked on this helmet is the integrated rear light. No more rides where you forgot to attach your bicycle’s rear light. It has 3 modes. Steady, blinking, and a strobe mode. Batteries were included right out of the box.

A feature that the more expensive Chakkra didn’t have is the chin pad. This is a welcome feature. Sometimes, the straps tend to rub against your jaw and chin causing discomfort.

Another feature of this helmet that I definitely love is the integrated shield.

I often forget my sunglasses when I go biking and hopefully, this solves that problem. It attaches via 3 strong magnets in front. It can be used even when the sun visor is attached.

Overall, I am happy with this purchase. It’s reasonably priced and is loaded with features. Below is the link to the store.

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