Year End 100 km Ride

Ending the year with a bang! 100 kms with the Titos of BDO.

The original plan was to ride up to Boso-boso in Rizal, but there was a last minute change of plans to do a century (in kms) ride to Barasoain Church, in Bulacan. Meet up place was still at MoA in Pasay, and checking google maps, the round trip will be a little over 100 kms!

Meet up time was 4:30 and take of time was 5:00am. The Cavite boys were late because someone forgot his helmet! 😀

Met Christian at the parking lot.
Early bird Sir Noy who pedalled all the way from Cavite.
Kalaw going to Taft Ave.
Rizal Ave, Caloocan City
Somewhere in Bulacan.
Finally reached Malolos, Bulacan. We still had several kms to go.
1st 100kms with the gravel bike. Not bad for a budget Facebook Marketplace find 😀
Just keep pedalling.
Touchdown at Barasoain Church.

The name “Barásoain” was derived from Barásoain in Navarre, Spain, which the missionaries found to be strikingly similar to the place in Malolos. When the Philippine Revolution broke out, Spanish authorities coined the term “barás ng suwaíl“ (Tagalog, “dungeon of the defiant”) because the church was a meeting-place for anti-Spanish and anti-colonial illustrados.[4]

Like many Spanish colonial churches, the inside was ornately decorated.
Group photo before looking for a place to eat.

The journey back to Manila was challenging to say the least. McArthur Highway has one of the worsts roads I’ve seen recently. It was uneven, it was riddled with potholes and it was chaotic. My wrists were in pain after traversing that road. Traffic was also terrible in some parts that even us on bikes had a difficult time travelling.

Back in Manila after the horror that is McArthur Highway.

Last push going back to Mall of Asia.
Celebratory drinks after the successful 100 km ride.

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