Let There Be Lights

I joined a folding bike club, the Tiklop Society of the Philippines, and they have regular evening rides around the metro. One of the requirements to join,  aside from helmets, are blinkers. I checked the known brands and they cost around 1000 to 2500 pesos. Most have multiple modes of blinking that you can select. Almost all run on AAA batteries and clamp to either the seat post or the bikes rear rack. I checked the Japan Home Store if they had a more affordable version and they did. It came with a seat clamp but was too small for my over-sized seat post so I ended up using the existing clamp from the reflector that came with my bike. I also bought a flashlight holder from a fellow Tiklop member which mounts on the handle bar. I passed by CDRKING and go one of those 9 LED flashlights. It didn’t have a blinker mode which I am ok with since I get disoriented with rapid bright flashes.

Rear Blinker: 88 pesos

Flashlight mount: 65 pesos

Flashlight with 3 AAA batteries: 80 pesos

Total of: 233 pesos.

Been using them for almost a month now and they have survived a heavy downpour. Haven’t replaced the batteries yet since I bought them. Next target would be those loud bike horns.

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