Common questions while taking the elevator

Questions I’ve been asked by people in the elevator about my bike:

“How much is it?” Most are shocked at how cheap my bike is. I told them that prices vary, from 2500 and can even go 6 figures.

“Is it electric?” This might have been due to the number of blinkers attached to my bike. I sometimes ride at night and blinkers are a must.

“How heavy is it?” One guy, who probably knew a thing or two about bikes, got curious and asked. He even asked to lift the bike to see how heavy/light it is.

“Where can I get one?” I tell them that most bike shops are selling these due to the growing popularity of folding bikes. I even recommended the nearest bike shop, same shop where I got my bike.

“Does it fold?” One lady was curious maybe because she saw the hinge on her side. Told her it folds in half and can be tucked under the dining table.

Hope they get a folding bike too. 🙂

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