Commuting 101: Top Five Tips for Staying Safe in the Heat. Repost from Commute By Bike.

Excellent read since it’s summer and the heat here in the Philippines can get pretty crazy.

Original article:

This week is smashing heat records across the US. It’s important that you stay safe during your ride to and from work. Here’s five tips you shouldn’t go without:

  1. Leave Early – Hit the road before things really heat up. Check with work to see if they’ll allow you to knock off early on the hot days that you clock in before normal time.
  2. Take your time – If you can’t leave an hour early, try 15 minutes. That way you can pedal slower, relax and keep your body temperature low.
  3. Drink Water – My commute is only 20 minutes one way so I usually skip the water bottle, but on the really hot days you’ll want to opt for some liquid even on the shorter rides.
  4. Wear Breathable ClothesWe had a discussion about this awhile back and I’m one that usually opts for the cotton tshirt and shorts, however on the really hot days grab your wicking tshirts and lycra to keep you cooler.
  5. Protect Your Eyes – And I don’t mean sunglasses. A headband or handkerchief under your helmet will catch the sweat so your eyes can stay open and on the road.

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