Dust Mask

I was looking around the hardware store last week and I found this. A dust mask with replaceable filters Similar masks for bikes are a couple of hundreds to a thousand pesos. And you have to buy them online or abroad and finding replacement filters will be difficult. Image


So this morning, I wore it on my way to the bank which was a good 10 mins pedaling. Even at full stride, it didn’t restrict my breathing. I even made it a point to tail buses and jeeps to see if it really filters the air. And it does a good job at that. No waxy diesel smell and my throat didn’t itch after biking. Usually, when I bike to work, I would hold my breath when I am behind a jeep, car or truck. But this really helps in minimizing exposure to vehicle exhaust.  Hope to wear this soon on one of our regular night rides.

PS. Replacement filters are also available at ACE Hardware, same store where I got this.

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