Bombproof Windstorm

Winter is coming, or should I say, the rainy days are coming. We’ve had a couple of strong downpours these past few days and this presents a challenge to bike commuters. Some choose rain coats or ponchos. I prefer this. A waterproof jacket from Bombproof gear. Compared to imported brands like Northface and Columbia, Bombproof gear jackets wont break the bank. I got mine for only 2000 pesos. It’s waterproof, has a hood that can accommodate a helmet, reflector strips for extra visibility, and 4 pockets. Two on the sleeves and 2 on the chest. I have worn it under a heavy downpour and it has kept me dry and warm. A rain coat or poncho will make you sweat as if you were in a sauna, but the Windstorm has a breathable layer inside.

Notice the reflector strips near the collar and wrist area of the sleeves.



The hood is adjustable for different sized heads and can accommodate helmets. It has an integrated visor to keep water and debris from your face and eyes.


Available at the Bombproof gear boutique in Robinsons Galleria.

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