Biking and Daddy duties

I have been commuting by bike for more than a year now and as I journey on this alternative way of transportation, I try to influence other people and show them the benefits of biking. I try my best to live by what I teach them. This includes doing errands on two wheels. This also includes picking up things and strapping them on my bike. Things of all sorts and sizes. Most of the time, you can see me with a huge bag on my bike rack when I do my bi weekly palengke (wet market) ride. There was even a time when I had calamansi and citronella plants strapped on my bike. Yes, people were definitely staring.

This time, it was for my little girl. We couldn’t install a duyan in our place so we opted for a baby rocker which she can use as a chair when she grows a little bigger. My wife found it online and I met with the seller at the LRT station 15 mins away from our house. My wife described it as a small box. Yes, it is relatively small, but not that small. Anyways, this is how I strapped it on my bike.


And as you can see, the little princess is enjoying it very much.

Commuting by bike is practical. You can carry a lot if you are creative. Strap a plastic crate and you can even carry more.

Here’s another photo with clothes for the donation drive.


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