Happy New Year!

How did you start your 2014? Well, I started mine by visiting Tryon to get my bike’s headset overhauled. I also got new brake cables and better brake pads.

For the past few months, I’ve been riding with around 60-70% braking power. As a bike commuter, I should have strong brakes. I made a mistake of buying generic brake pads that wore out easily and left deep scratches on my rims. Today I got BRAKCO brand pads.

(Image from Brakco website)

They are not as expensive as other brands but they are much better than the generic pads being sold. After installation, I could immediately feel the difference. Braking was instantaneous and responsive. I feel more confident with it.

Also got a new brake cable for my rear brake. The old one was still the stock cable from when I bought my bike.

Headset was also cleaned and lubricated. It has been feeling sticky and stiff when turning. Turns out it was full of sand and dust and the grease was almost dried out.

Looking forward to more rides in 2014!

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