Deuter Rack Top Bag

After weeks of searching and reaching out to the supplier via Facebook, I finally got one. Deuter Philippines coursed it through Chris Sports in Glorieta 3. Thanks to the staff who went out of their way to get the bag.

The Deuter Rack Top Bag is a padded bag perfect for day trips. Velcro straps allow easy mounting to the rack. You can also turn it to a shoulder bag and take it with you when you park your bike.




It has side pockets for small items. And the inner compartment is huge.

Straps for carrying the bag.

It comes with a rain cover that adds visibility when biking in the rain.

I was about to buy a more affordable version of this rack top bag, but I saw a major design flaw. The D rings were fastened to the top cover. Carrying heavy things inside the bag would put stress on the zippers. So I opted for this one.

Thanks again to my loving wife for this early Christmas gift! 😀

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