Part 1 of 3: Batanes Tour

Traveling is a passion that I share with my wife. We started traveling early on in our relationship and it has brought us closer, and our love stronger.

Batanes is one of our dream destinations, and last May 24-26, we got to make that a reality.

(Photos taken with my Nexus 4 and my wife’s Nikon D600)

Basco Batanes is an hour away from Manila by plane. It was my first time to ride a turbo prop airplane and it was a different experience with turbofan planes. We were greeted by blue skies with fluffy clouds that provided occasional shade from the sun. From the airport, we were picked up by a shuttle from the hotel.

We stayed at the Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge. It is located on top of a hill and the view around it is spectacular.

This is the view from the deck outside our room.1 (1)

After settling at our room, and after Lucy’s power nap, we met our tour guide, Ryan, for our first day tour.

Rolling Hills.  BatanesBart (1 of 1)BatanesBart (1 of 21)

Inside Basco ChurchBatanes1 (21)Ivana Church Batanes1 (20)Inside Mahatao Church. Notice the reed ceilings.  Batanes1 (11) Batanes1 (10)Mahatao Church Batanes1 (9)On top of Basco LighthouseBatanesBart (16 of 21)Mt. Iraya and Basco town proper behind us. 10293747_10203537196771824_5727826190687156539_o



Basco Lighthouse



Tukon Chapel  9

Boulder Beach at Valugan Bay. The smashing of the water against the small rocks produce an eerie sound not heard in ordinary sand beaches. 610380504_10203541223112480_7770394084580480806_o

Japanese Tunnels. Site of an elaborate Japanese-constructed World War II tunnel around three kilometers from town center.


Tukun Weather Station. The country’s northernmost weather station.



This is the Town of Basco. The long clearing on the right nearing the foot of the mountain is the airport runway. 1270525_10204054323186452_3687540739047966231_o


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