1st Philippine Bicycle Expo

The 1st Philippine Bike Expo was one of the most awaited event by cyclists in the country. It has been announced early this year and everyone was really interested on how it would turn out. After all, being the first bike expo, it’ll set the expectation for future events.

Upon entering, you will be welcomed by the prominent brands.

IMG_20141117_000017 IMG_20141117_000110

All shapes and sizes of bikes were present. Road, Mountain, and Folding bikes, you name it, it was there. Even bikes made of bamboo!

IMG_20141117_000833 IMG_20141117_000939 IMG_20141117_001234 IMG_20141117_001338 IMG_20141117_001308 IMG_20141117_000237 IMG_20141117_001142

There were even retro and vintage bikes on display.

IMG_20141117_001105 IMG_20141117_001026 IMG_20141117_001003 IMG_20141117_000804 IMG_20141117_000207

What got me excited was the Nyfti. The first Pinoy handmade folding bike. http://nyftibicycles.strikingly.com/


The fact that it is a folding bike made by a Filipino company, it can’t get any cooler than that. It features a 3 fold steel bike that are brazed together by artisinal bike makers. Brazed bikes are stronger vs bikes that are welded together.  I’ve had the chance to chat with the CEO of the company, Carl Mamawal. He demoed the bike and how fast it folds.

IMG_20141117_000713 IMG_20141117_000646 IMG_20141117_000620 IMG_20141117_000556

According to him, one advantage of the Nyfti over other established 3 fold bikes is that it uses standard bike parts making repairs and upgrades a breeze.

IMG_20141117_000525 IMG_20141117_000439

He also highlighted the Nyfti’s rack, which you can still use even if the bike is folded. It also features a front luggage system similar to the Brompton. The bike currently retails for 45,000 pesos. You may argue that the price is quite steep, but if you think about it, these are handmade bikes. They are not mass produced in a factory in Taiwan or China. So, for me, the price is justified. I also asked him if they are planning to make a bike that is more affordable and he explained that right now, it’ll be difficult for them since they produce a limited number of bikes per year.

If you are looking for a folding bike that is unique, you may want to give the Nyfti a try.

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