What Biking Has Taught Me About Driving…

…And why biking is sometimes better.


We recently purchased a new car and driving it around made me realize the benefits of biking and what it has taught me when it comes to commuting. This is a continuing list. Will add more. 🙂

1. Biking is cheap, driving is expensive. Even if you have the most expensive bike made from unicorn hair and dragon scale, riding it everyday will still be way cheaper than driving your car. Gas, toll fees, parking fees, and if you’re having a bad day, traffic violations, all add up to the expense of using your car.

2. Traffic sucks. We don’t have to ride a bike to realize this.

3. Biking has taught me to plan my routes. This does not only help me avoid congested roads, but also save time, and gas.

4. Biking is more fun. Unless of course, you are driving a super car, a fighter jet, or a submarine.

5. Biking has taught me to be patient. Patient with stupid people who blindly cross the road and arrogant motorists who feel that they own the road.

6. Biking has taught me to be aware of my surroundings when on the road. It has become my instinct to look before switching lanes or turning.

7. Bike commuting has taught me the importance of traffic rules. I have seen many close calls on the road because one genius decided that he is above the law.

8. Biking has sharpened my reflexes. Being exposed on the road everyday has made my reaction time quicker. Hopefully, I can do the same when driving.

9. Always assume that everybody else on the road is either blind or stupid. Be a defensive driver.

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