Online Finds for the Brompton

I’ve had my brompton since 2014. I’ve logged several hundred kilometers on it and I’ve used it for bike commuting when my main bike was not available. I’ve never upgraded or added anything to it since I bought it and I felt that it’s the right time to add or upgrade the bike.

I recently discovered that there are brompton parts and accessories in Lazada. They were mostly from China and they were a lot cheaper than what was available locally. I pondered if the risk of buying from an online seller in China is worth saving a few thousand pesos. The kuripot in me won and pulled the trigger.

First item I bought was the S-Bag. An original brompton S-bag would have cost 5 to 6 thousand pesos. This one cost me 2950 pesos. I also bought from the same seller the needed front carrier block to attach the bag to the bike. The original brompton FCB is around 1200 pesos. I got mine for 628 pesos.

Front carrier block. This attaches in the main frame and allows you to lock the bag in place. Photo from the web.

Bag mounted on the folded bike.
Bag mounted on the bike unfolded.
Bag full of groceries.

It has a capacity of 20 liters. According to Brompton, the FCB and the bag can carry a maximum of 10kilos. I have to admit, I have carried more that the maximum recommended weight. Brompton has other bag styles with larger carrying capacities.

Second item which I purchased (during the lockdown) is the rear rack. It’s a q-type rack which is smaller than the stock brompton rack. It has Easy-Wheels that allow the bike to be rolled much easier than the stock fender wheel.

Q-type rack with Easy-Wheels

This one I got for around 1200 pesos. The brands that are usually advertised online costs 2-3 times more. The rack and the small wheels are made of aluminum, similar to more expensive brands. It was a pain to install but totally worth it.

Third online purchase is not technically for the brompton, but for cycling in general. I’ve wanted one every since I started bike commuting but it was only available in Amazon. I saw one in Lazada and immediately bought one. It is a helmet/glasses mounted rear view mirror.

The mirror has a protective cover making it appear hazy.

This makes riding much safer specially when you traverse busy streets. You can see behind you or beside you without turning your head. It takes getting used to but once your eyes have adjusted, it really adds to your awareness when cycling on the roads.

Mirror mounted on my sunglasses

I’ve provided links below to where I purchased these items.


Front Carrier Block

Q Type Rack

Cycling mirror

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