Bungee Cord Replacement

I recently lost the bungee cord that came with my Biologic bike rack. It started to lose its elasticity these past few months and I have been looping it on the rack to prevent it from dropping or unhooking itself when hitting bumps. I must have forgotten to secure it properly and I just found out that it was gone when I was about to secure something to the bike rack. Having no bungee cord on the bike rack means I had to hold or tie my things on the rack. It is extra inconvenient when going to the market since the things I buy usually weight around 5-7 kilos. Once again, Japan Home store comes to the rescue with this. It says Flat Type Rope on the packaging but it really is a flat bungee cord with plastic hooks on the end.


I was surprised at how long it was. 2.5 meters!!! Which is good since I can loop it around the things I put on the rack which is usually my jacket or some groceries or a small bag or a shopping bag full of items from the market, etc. Image

The cord itself looks strong and won’t lose its elasticity easily. The hooks are also big, and they seem to fasten well on the bike rack. Not bad considering that I got them for 88 pesos only. Shorter and thinner bungee cords at ACE Hardware were over a hundred pesos and their hooks are not as sturdy as these ones.


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