Happy Anniversary to me! 1 year of biking to work and other places.

Last year, I bought my first folding bike. I chose a folding bike because of the limited space in our place. I used to ride a mountain bike. That bike has been retired and is stored at my parents place in Laguna. Since I got back to biking, I got hooked. I used to say that biking is the closest thing to actually flying. You are propelled by your own strength, free to go anywhere, with no fuel or gas to purchase.


My first foldie, a Mouse Lehman 20″.

I started biking to work because it is more fun than walking to work. My office is 5-10 minutes away from our place and biking is more practical than taking the public transit. Walking is good, but sometimes, the heat of the midday sun is unbearable. Biking is quicker, I can squeeze thru traffic and I don’t have to worry about parking since I can fold the bike and leave it at the baggage counter in malls. Me and my bike have been to different places, far and near, thanks to the different bike groups that I have joined. I also have met many new friends because of biking.


My current foldie, a La Bici 20″.

Here’s to many more years on two wheels.

I bike to work, I bike to the grocery, I bike to the market, I bike to the mall. I bike.

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