Kali Chakra Helmet

If there is one thing worth spending a little money on, it’s protection. I have been using a 500 peso worth helmet for the past 3 years that I have been biking and my wife said that it’s time to replace it. The pads on my old helmet was also starting to fall off so yeah, it definitely is time.

Enter the Kali Chakra by Kali Protectives.


First thing that I noticed is the weight. It’s much lighter than my old helmet and has more air flow vents. It features composite fusion technology which means that the outer shell is fused to the inner liner and not glued on like other brands. It wont peel off.


It has a breakaway visor for extra protection against the sun or rain.


It has a 3 quarter design that provides protection all the way to the back of your head.


It is well padded and the pads can be washed after every use.


It also features a quick adjust system at the back allowing for easy adjustment. The clutch mechanism prevents over tightening.

I used it during the Bisikleta Iglesia and the air flow vents really did their job. The fit was comfortable and secure. The visor was a new experience for me since my old helmet didn’t have one.

This is money well spent. I got mine from Bikes Per Minute in Salcedo Village Makati.

4 thoughts on “Kali Chakra Helmet

  1. nice helmet bradir! pa pm how much did it cost you 🙂

    ps. judging from the pipes in the picture it seems nag photo ops ka sa roof deck naten hahahaha

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