Kuripotbiker Recommends: Strava Cycling App

What is Strava? It is an app for recording your rides. It uses your mobile phones GPS to track your distance, speed, elevation and your route. What I love about Strava is that it does all of these without using your phones data plan. I repeat, no internet connection needed. No need for wifi access. Nada! As long as your mobile has GPS capabilities, it’ll log your ride and even your runs! Make sure you have a GPS signal locked before you record your ride. What happened to me more than once was that the GPS signal locked 15 mins into the ride, giving me an incomplete or inaccurate ride log. What I do now is I lock my location via wifi at home, then record my ride on the road. Image

You create a profile, much like on social networks, and it will show your ride details. Total distance, elevation, total ride time and achievements. You can also search for fellow Strava users and compare/share rides.

ImageUnder your profile, you can see all your rides, complete with the route you took.


ImageThe app works for iOS and Android only.


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